Your 3 minute Bi-weekly Bitcoin market updates.

Update #9

Two major and positive events just unfolded in the Bitcoin space. According to the President, "the closure of the Central Bank of the Argentine...

Charles Edwards

Update #8

Bitcoin is heating up, in both opportunity and across derivatives markets. And we have the strongest onchain growth since 2020......

Charles Edwards

Update #7

A new major trend has formed. We now have the biggest asset managers in the world trumpeting Bitcoin as a "flight to quality" in...

Charles Edwards

Update #6

We have historically rare risk-asset signals appearing, amidst a period of Bitcoin's relative out-performance and de-correlation......

Charles Edwards

Update #5

The last week has seen the biggest improvements across Bitcoin technicals and fundamentals since June......

Charles Edwards

Update #4

We are seeing some promising and rare structures form on Bitcoin which are worth paying attention to......

Charles Edwards

Update #3

All else equal, Bitcoin is like a beach ball submerged underwater. Nonetheless, we remain in a technical breakdown......

Charles Edwards

Update #2

Last update technicals and fundamentals told us to be cautious with Bitcoin. Caution has now turned into bearish confirmation with the $30K range breakdown....

Charles Edwards

Update #1

Welcome to Capriole’s micro update #1. Where we consolidate the most important Bitcoin news, technicals and fundamentals into a 3-minute update. ...

Charles Edwards

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