Join the Team

We are looking for talented, driven individuals. Capriole is a small, dedicated team. Early members are equity owners of the business. There’s plenty of opportunity to grow, take on more and move around the business based on your skillset and interest. The only necessary ingredient is passion for investing and excellence.

Open Positions

Quant Traders

Quant traders monitor markets, improve trading algorithms and dig into data to create better models. We’re looking for candidates with a strong quantitative background with experience building and deploying autonomous trading strategies.

Position details:

  • Develop trading strategies which outperform Bitcoin
  • Identify valuable and predictive data sources
  • Build unique indicators, metrics and models to drive investment decisions and signals
  • Conduct comprehensive backtesting & thesis validation
  • Productionize trading strategies to deploy on live capital

Your skills:

  • 2+ years experience building quantitative trading models
  • Track record of profitability (could be a realistic backtest, algorithmic or manual live-trading track record)
  • Expert in Python
  • Quantitative, scientific approach and attention to detail
  • Expertise in finding, integrating, optimizing and analyzing new datasets
  • Creativity in coming up with new trading ideas and approaches
  • Great communication skills, both written and verbally
  • Highly valued: experience in Bitcoin, crypto markets and/or equities markets
  • Highly valued: mathematical or science background

Back-End Developer / Data Engineer

Python based Back-End Developers and Data Engineers are responsible for maintaining and enhancing system critical applications and data acquisition. Developers and Engineers play an important role in ensuring efficient and operational trading systems and in the acquisition of unique and valuable data. We’re looking for strong programmers who thrive in a fast-paced environment.

More details:

  • Developers: adept at building scalable applications
  • Developers: strong experience in optimizing asynchronous programs
  • Engineers: ability to maintain data warehouses for structured and unstructured data
  • Engineers: enhance in-house data integrity processes to ensure data sanity and detection of anomalies
  • Engineers: maintain and ensure a clean, consistent stream of data is provided to the business for analysis and live trading.
  • Ensuring system uptime and data quality is critical
  • Enhancing code performance and speed
  • Managing and optimizing API data feeds (REST and WebSocket)

Your skills:

  • Expert in Python (5+ years experience)
  • Experience in AWS
  • Expert in database management, optimization and data wrangling
  • Systematic approach and attention to detail
  • A clear communicator, both written and verbally
  • Creative in identifying and storing alternative data which can drive business value
  • Highly Valued: Pandas and machine learning experience

Reinforcement Learning / AI Experts

We are looking for reinforcement learning (RL) / AI experts to expand our autonomous trading system capabilities. You will develop our system, framework, algorithm selection, and manage training, validation and testing to support productionizing our trading AI/RL system for live trading. We’re looking for strong programmers who thrive in a fast-paced environment.

More role details on application.

Your skills:

  • Expert in Python
  • Expert in Machine Learning / AI / Reinforcement Learning
  • Experience in processing data and signals, managing overfitting and training models
  • Quantitative, scientific approach and attention to detail
  • Great communication skills, both written and verbally
  • Highly valued: experience in trading
  • Highly valued: experience in AWS