Quantitative Leadership

Capriole drives returns by looking at information in new ways, we are passionate about the search for intrinsic value and market inefficiencies. Our team has decades of quantitative trading experience. Capriole’s edge is built on taking a robust, scientific approach to directional investing. Our trading strategies trim left tail risk events and capture statistically significant alpha.

Top 3 

Contributor to global opensource on-chain valuation strategies, with a 4+ year track record of verified live trading outperforming Bitcoin.


International team based across five countries and covering all major trading time zones, serving investors across 25+ countries.


Comprehensive risk management, security, custody and asset management within a regulated and audited hedge fund.

Capriole History

Live launch of Trend King trading algorithm.

Published Hash Ribbons.

Published Bitcoin Production Cost.

Published Bitcoin Energy Value Equivalence.
Launched fully autonomous advanced order execution system enabling scaling of large positions and real-time position monitoring.

Published The Energy Standard.

Commenced autonomous quant trading managed account service.
Launched the Capriole Fund.

Published Supply Delta.

Created proprietary data pipeline and warehouse for esoteric datafeeds management.

Built AI testing and development framework.
Launched the Capriole Macro Index trading algorithm.

Launched Omnibot portfolio trading algorithm.

Launched DeFi value portfolio trading algorithm.

Launched Trend King for Ethereum trading algorithm.

Created real-time on-chain exchange monitoring system which protected the Capriole Fund capital from all 2022 risk events, including the FTX collapse.

Published Supply Delta.

Published The Digital Asset Thesis.

Published SLRV Ribbons.

Published The Bitcoin Yardstick.
Onboarded with Fireblocks institutional custody.

Launched market-neutral Statistical Arbitrage trading algorithm.

Launched Vanquisher, our most advanced trading strategy to date which optimises across portfolios and assets and basket holdings vs Bitcoin.
Launched Capriole Charts (Capriole.com/Charts).

Open-sourced Guardian Risk Manager (Capriole.com/Guardian).

Launched Titan portfolio strategy.

Launched Node On-chain Bitcoin strategy.

Why Bitcoin & digital assets?

Bitcoin and digital assets were the best performing asset class of the last decade (read more here). We believe they will be for the next decade too. That’s why we made it our objective to outperform Bitcoin and have never charged a management fee.

100% Carbon Neutral

Capriole’s operations are net carbon negative. We offset all our CO2 emissions by planting hundreds of protected trees that support local economies each year.

Join us in reforesting the Earth and we will plant five extra trees on your behalf. Just use code: ‘CaprioleForest‘ at checkout with our reforestation partner Furthr.Earth.

Meet the team

Capriole’s team has decades of investing experience and unparalleled technical talent.