The Capriole Fund

Quantitative Bitcoin, digital asset and Web3 investing. The Capriole Fund’s objective is to outperform Bitcoin using fully autonomous trading models within an institutional risk management and security framework. The market is monitored & traded by our systems 24/7. Our investor base consists of Fund of Funds, HNW individuals, Family Offices and institutional allocators across over 25 countries globally. We accept capital once a month, but spaces are limited.

Fund Overview

The Capriole Fund

Minimum Investment

US $100,000 or equivalent value in digital assets

Management Fee


Performance Fee


Fully autonomous quantitative trading strategy

Institutional custody & director level multi-signature

Audited by top 5 global accounting firm

Licenced and regulated hedge fund structure

24/7 risk-management, position and on-chain monitoring

Strategy Types

Our autonomous algorithms take long/short positions in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and use advanced technical analysis, fundamental analysis and machine learning. We analyze a universe of over 500 assets and assess an array of data covering price, volume, on-chain, sentiment, equities and macroeconomics. Our custom built trading engine has industry leading execution speed and capability to scale $300M+ positions by cost optimizing slippage, price drift and volume.

Trend King

Flagship Bitcoin strategy with verified live trading since 2019. Combining momentum, mean-reversion and high performance on-chain factors; Trend King has outperformed Bitcoin by many multiples.

Macro Index

Machine learning fundamentals-only Bitcoin strategy assessing over 60 on-chain and macroeconomic data points to autonomously allocate into Bitcoin. Price is not an input.


Simulates a universe of possible portfolios and builds out risk-adjusted positions in up to 40 altcoins based on momentum, volatility and volume. Cuts left tail risk by allocating to cash in downtrends.

Value Portfolio

Ranks the DeFi asset universe by market capitalization versus relative value and invests in a select portfolio of the most undervalued assets. Value is calculated using on-chain data.


Yes. Capriole Investments is certified to act as an approved investment manager and is regulated by the BVI Financial Services Commission (FSC) with company no. 2038914 and financial license cert. IBR/AIM/20/0361. Capriole Investments Limited is not registered as an investment adviser with the US SEC.

The Capriole Fund is a licensed and CIMA regulated full master fund consisting of a US Limited Partnership, the Capriole Fund, LP (ISIN: US14071T1016, CUSIP: 14071T101, BLOOMBERG: CRYPTO3 US) and Cayman Islands funds, the Capriole Master Fund, Ltd. (ISIN: KYG1892C1050, CUSIP: G1892C105, BLOOMBERG: CRYPTO1 KY) and the Capriole Fund, Ltd. (ISIN: KYG1892D1034, CUSIP: G1892D103, BLOOMBERG: CRYPTO2 KY).

The Capriole Fund, Ltd. and Capriole Master Fund, Ltd. are both fully licensed mutual funds under Cayman Islands Mutual Funds Act (registration numbers 1849971 and 1849993 respectively).

Yes. Our financial license means we can only work with clients considered professional investors.

To meet this requirement:

  • Non-US Investors have a minimum investment requirement of US $100,000.
  • US investors need to be Accredited Investors.

US Persons only: what’s an Accredited Investor?

The most common way to meet the US Accredited Investor criteria is to either:

  • Have an annual income of $200K or more in each of the last two years, or
  • Have a net worth over $1M.

There are several other ways to meet the US Accredited Investor requirement, contact us to see if you qualify.

US $100,000 (or equivalent value in digital assets)

Yes. Capriole Investments is fully compliant with international guidelines and FSC, CIMA, and FATCA regulations against Anti-Money Laundering. As a result, all of our clients must complete ID verification.

Yes. The Capriole Fund accepts Bitcoin, GUSD and US Dollars.

With pre-approval, and subject to AML/KYC compliance, we can also accept other digital assets as outlined here.

Yes. We have deep knowledge and experience in Bitcoin. As a result, a significant portion of our portfolio is algorithmically trading Bitcoin long and short.

We also run trading algorithms on Ethereum and other major cryptocurrency pairs. Our capital trades and invests in other cryptocurrencies in accordance with the expected risk-return we believe we can achieve in them. Our models are constantly analyzing a universe of over 400 digital assets across Web3, DeFi, Layer 1s, and various other categories for trading opportunity.

Performance Fees

The Capriole Fund charges a quarterly performance fee, that’s it.

This means that you only have to pay a fee each quarter if we have grown your investment during that quarter, and if your total investment value is higher than any prior High Water Mark. Our fee rates are noted above.

By default, the performance fees are assessed on the US Dollar growth of your investment. Alternatively, you can opt for your performance fees to be assessed in Bitcoin on subscription.

Management Fees

We do not charge a Management Fee. It’s our philosophy and reality: Capriole Investments only makes money when our clients do. 

Yes. All fees are calculated based on performance above the High Water Mark. The High Water Mark is equal to the highest balance of your investment at the end of any prior quarters. If you are a new investor, the first High Water Mark is equal to your initial investment.

Yes. Capriole is proud to give you the choice of having your Performance Fees assessed based on either:

  1. US Dollar value growth, or
  2. Bitcoin value growth.

By default accounting is conducted in USD and performance fees will be based on Option (1).
But if you just want to grow your Bitcoin balance, Option (2) might be for you.


The Capriole Fund accepts new investments once a month.


Provided at least 14 days’ notice is given, withdrawals can be made once per calendar quarter, at the end of each calendar quarter.

What our investors say

I would recommend Capriole without reservation.

Quantitative fund with innovative models that are well respected.

Impressive capital stewardship.