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Since 2019, we’ve grown 1 Bitcoin into over 3 for investors all around the world.

Capriole Investments is a leading global Bitcoin and digital asset hedge fund deploying a fully autonomous quantitative investment strategy. We are committed to providing our limited partners with exceptional risk-adjusted returns. Founded in 2019, the Capriole team holds decades of systematic trading experience and has built a leading autonomous trading stack, including latest generation machine learning and AI components. Our competitive advantage is derived from our relentless pursuit of market outperformance within an institutional custody, security and risk management framework to protect investor assets.


“You’ll be hard pressed
to find another service
of this standard.”
Wei Tang ★★★★★

“You’ll be hard pressed to find another service of this standard.”
Wei Tang ★★★★★

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Capriole at a Glance

The Capriole Fund

An advanced Bitcoin and digital asset investment process for professional investors.

The objective of the Fund is to outperform Bitcoin by achieving higher returns with lower risk.



Annualized returns

Capriole’s live strategies have outperformed Bitcoin since 2019.


THAN Bitcoin*

Our cumulative returns since 2019 are over 4X greater than Bitcoin.


Higher Sharpe Ratio
Than Bitcoin*

Our performance was achieved with superior risk-adjusted returns.

*Historical Performance, statistics, returns and results data is based on live trading data from 2019. Returns were calculated by the Capriole Fund Administrator from Fund Inception (March 2021) to present and include all trading commissions, funding fees and all Fund related fees (including Performance Fees). The Capriole Fund accounting is audited. Returns from November 2019 through February 2021 (pre- Fund Inception) were calculated internally, were time-stamp verified by an independent third-party, are unaudited and include all trading commissions and funding fees.

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