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Brenda's training specialty is Classical Dressage with a touch of natural horsemanship. Learn to ride and train your horse without resistance. Learn to communicate with your horse in a way the horse understands and accepts. Enjoy realizing what "riding in harmony" means.

"I believe 'Riding As One' can be achieved by every rider in any discipline."

Brenda has ridden western pleasure, reining, barrel raced and then began training and riding eventing. She has trained on jumpers and some hunters and then dressage.

Brenda has trained with some of the top Dressage riders on the east and west coasts and has also 'trained' with the horse itself in its own language through studying them in the wild. "I spent months studying the horse in its natural state along the California - Nevada border. I found that they have a very well spoken language and a distinct way of training each other. I was amazed at how simple their language is and how well their training technique, if you would, works. I brought this language and training knowledge into my Classical Horsemanship training and found it works every time with every horse. Not just when starting a horse but throughout the training scale."

"I also found that I could simplify the training for the rider the same way to make understanding the concepts of riding easier for the average rider to develop the necessary skills to become a great rider and achieve their goals."

"It's the way training should be. Light and relaxed clear communication between horse and rider."

Brenda currently trains with Paul Belesik, who is a highly respected international rider, trainer, writer, and teacher and an avowed proponent of classical ideals.

Brenda is available for lessons at her Capriole Farm and is available for clinics throughout the US. She also takes approved horses and riders in for a full training program. "Come and experience this extraordinary training for you and your horse."

Call Brenda at 717-294-3200 or on her cell at 301-331-7547 to schedule a clinic or training. E-mail at