Capriole Farm
556 Fairview Road, Warfordsburg, PA 17267 • 717-294-3200 • Cell: 301-331-7547 • Farm: 717-294-3200
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Exceptional quality foals and young horses with superb World Class bloodlines bred for high predictability and performance in Sport.

Our commitment to proper care and development of the young horse is unsurpassed as we strive to give your future equestrian star a balanced and long lasting foundation. Included in our program is correct and humane handling and training from the moment of birth. Our philosophy is to never cause any undo stress on the horse. Our horses donít know that a human could do them harm. This means that you, the customer will get a horse with no issues to overcome and a foundation of trust has already been established so your training sessions with your new horse will go smoothly. We also give our foals and young horses the best possible chance for proper development by keeping their hooves trimmed on a regular basis.

Another part of our program is proper and correct socialization intended for the horse. These are herd animals and while once sold and in training and competition, some may not receive turnout and socialization, we feel that by giving them a natural start in life with the herd environment your new equine partner will have a strong foundation and self esteem to acclimate to their new surroundings. We have found that by allowing mature mares to help raise the foals after their weaning, the foals have much more confidence and they learn what their role is in the herd and are much easier to train and handle when they live in their natural order.

And last but not at all the least of our program is excellent and balanced nutrition including our very own custom mixed feed with the best ingredients for horses with individual doses of vitamins and minerals added for each horse and the omegas provided in the feed and just the right amount of carbohydrates for optimal physical development, you can rest assured that the horse that you buy from us has had the very best start in life.

Capriole Farm is located in the rolling hills of beautiful Buck Valley in south central Pennsylvania just minutes from interstate I-70 and I-68 just north of the Maryland border. We are convenient to both Washington - Dulles International Airport as well as Baltimore Ė Washington International Airport. We invite you to come and experience for yourself these wonderful horses and the beautiful farm where they live.

Part of the Barn in the Spring

The barn in January after a snow

A view of the 200 x 80 Indoor Arena

Donna Maria as a Foal

New foal born about 2:00am in the morning

New foal born early in the morning

Come on Mom, let's play

OK, time for lunch

Brenda with some of our horses a few years ago

Our stud dog Dago taking it easy near the barn

Barn cats, Zippy and Zuzu, hanging out near the water tank at one of the paddocks

Zippy as a kitten

Dogs on top of a 10 foot pile of snow during the winter of 2010